Building a New Home?

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Home Theater/ Media Room

Custom Design, Components, Furniture, Acoustic Treatments,  and Professional Installation


Integrated Home designs and implements Custom Home Theaters and Media Rooms, covering every small detail that will make your home theater a comfortable and enjoyable space for your family and friends.  We offer full design services, installation , trim and finishes, acoustic treatments and fabric installation, projectors, screens, audio/ video components, project management, automation, and acoustic analysis

3D Design - New Construction

We work with you and your architect to design a home theater space that will be acoustically correct for size and recommend construction principles that will aid in sound dampening to adjacent rooms.  You want to hear every detail inside the theater and very little outside of it.  The design of a home theater is critical in getting the most out of your audio equipment and speakers.  We want your home theater to look, feel, and sound the best it can within your budget.

3D Design - Retro Construction

Many of our projects are implemented in existing homes or additions where the spaces can have different types of constraints.  We can work with you to get the most out of your space, showing you different ideas until we develop the best plan for your space and budget.



During this phase we will work with your builder to assure that every detail in your home theater design is implemented correctly and according to design.  We spend time designing the wiring and work with your electrical contractors to assure that there will be no surprises.  We will also work with your Interior Designer during this phase finalize all of the trim out to make your home theater look great.

Final Delivery

Once all of the construction and trim work has been completed, we will deliver and install all of the components, finalize your programming, automation & control systems, and deliver the final product for your enjoyment.